Longspan Shelving for Algeria

November 4th, 2013

Talking to Africa, the most common words in your brain may be poor, war, or some bad words.

However, Africa is a fast developing continent, These days T racking export a lot of racking and shelving system to Algeria, we have many customer in South Africa, Tanzania, Algeria, Kenya…etc. We recently ship 2 containers of longspan shelving to Algeria.


Case Name: Algeria electronic company longspan shelving

Case Area: Algeria, Africa

Case type: longspan shelving


This customer is a the biggest electronic company in Algeria, they are a joint venture with famous Chinese electronic group Kangjia. They have employee of more than twenty thousand in Algeria.

Their products including TV. LCD panel, air conditioner, mobile phone, mobile pad,…etc

Their annual sales volume is more than 2 billion USD.


The customer start to contact with us 2 years ago in 2011. They plan to build a new warehouse in that time and wish to import pallet racking from China. They get the information of T Racking from exhibition. After have email correspondence for 2 months. Customer have very good impression for our excellent product and service. Which attract customer most is that we export to Africa since to 2006, we are very familiar with African market. Our racking & shelving design according to the pallet size & loading condition of Africa. Which make customer very happy for it.. Customer is in the step of issue a PO to us. But later financial crisis came, the sales volume of customer also affected by the situation, thus customer deicide to postpone the shipment.


When time came to 2013, customer decide to build the warehouse. In 2012 and 2013, customer enlarge their product range to mobile phone, pad and other items. As they have many more parts to store, we recommend longspan shelving with steel shelf for them to store a lot of cartons.

Customer is content with our solution and issue the PO directly.


After one month manufacturing, T Racking ship them product on time. Under the help of assemble instruction, customer build up the shelving system and send pictures to us.


Customer is very satisfy with the cooperation with T Racking, said they will place 3 different shelving project to us in the near future.


long span shelving

Happy mid autumn day from T Racking

October 30th, 2013

Dear Valued Customer/Supplier/Workmate:


Autumn is a harvest season, in China mid autumn day is a very special day. People go back to hometown and have holiday together with the whole family.


We wish all the customer/supplier/workmate have a prosperous festival and healthy life.


We hereby thanks the support from all of you. Under your help, we already finish 85% of annual sales target. It’s a very good result especially in the situation of financial crisis.


In the pallet racking & shelving industry, more and more rivals join the competition and someone decrease cost & price by use poor material.

But T Racking always & only use quality material from famous supplier, quality first is the most important rules in our operation.


Our principle give good impression & admire by customer, most customer choose us the storage racking & shelving partner and growth together with us.Which help us earn a annual growth rate of more than 30% since 2002.


We will always offer excellent racking & shelving product and first class service to customer all over the world.

Longspan shelving for South Africa shipped

October 18th, 2013

Longspan shelving for South Africa shipped

Today T Racking just ship one container of longspan shelving for South Africa Customer.

This customer is a fortune 500 company which mainly make truck parts and mechanical parts. They are leading manufacturer and distributor of power transmission components and the complete range of Challenge branded products are sold through its global distribution network. The company’s Head Office is located in the United Kingdom and the business operates through a number of strategically located subsidiary companies and distributors worldwide.

In early 2009, customer would like to build a new warehouse including storage system for it.  Customer learn our name from exhibition and then send RFQ to several supplier. T Racking reply customer in half an hour with professional introduction and plan. Customer then have a good impression to T Racking. Just the day after that day, T Racking offer a detail beeakdown cost with floor drawing to customer, as well as the ASRS 4084 certificate of our racking. Customer is very happy that our racking have both European FEM and Australia ASRS 4084 standard, and issue the PO to T Racking directly.

After got the original PO, T racking manufacture the pallet racking system with quality steel material immediately, customer receive the racking and finish installation before they estimated. Customer is very content with the cooperation with us. After that customer choose T Racking as strategic warehouse racking supplier.

In early this year, the customer’s South Africa subsidiary want to build a new warehouse with longspan shelving, they just send the layout drawing to T Racking, and we do the rest in a short time with professional solution. Customer sign the new contract immediately.

Today we ship the longspan shelving to customer, which is a good symbol of our excellent pallet racking product and service.

General introduction of mould racking / mold racking

October 11th, 2013

Mould racking is very import for manufacturing company like mechanical, electronics, plastic…etc

According to different loading capacity, mold racking can is named by light duty mold racking and heavy duty mold racking.

Usually there is crane in the top side, which is used to lift the mold. Mold racking is used to store various of mold.

For manufacturing company, there are a lot of different molds with different function. Thus mold racking is necessary for them to
store them.

Mold racking is made of upright frame and bracing. We can fix guide channel in frame and put beams underneath.
Then put safety pin and top panel. Light duty mold racking use 100×50 C channel to be post.
Mold racking is made from quality Q235 steel one time rolled. The drawer is made from 4.0 bending tube.

Heavy duty mold racking use pallet raking frame as whole structure, then assemble guide rail drawer. Customer can choose different material according to load capacity.

There is 2 bearing inside the guide rail, which make the drawer can be pull/push freely.
Base on safety consideration, engineer design fix pin and safety pin to prevent drawer from dropping out.
The loading capacity of drawer is 200-800kg. The loading capacity of heavy mould racking is 800-1500k.

Mould Racking only need very limited space and have large loading capacity, it’s also easy to operate. The structure of mould racking is stable and cost effective, it’s widely used by all customers.

As a professional racking & shelving supplier, T Racking export a lot of pallet racking and mould racking to all over the world, if you have any question, feel free to inform us at sales@racking-shelving.com

Fire Protection for warehouse racking

May 28th, 2013

The design of new warehouse should be strict according to the national standards of our country.
It should also be audited by fire protection bureau. After warehouse completed, customer should approve the warehouse along with fire protection bureau.
If it don’t pass the inspection, the warehouse couldn’t be used.

Usually the warehouse owner should set one man in charge of fire protection who take responsibility of the fire safety for entire warehouse.
And also have fire train lesson for all the warehouse staff regularly. Which can help them save themselves in case there is fire in warehouse.

The warehouse manager should know the fire specification for cargo in warehouse especially for the items which is easy to burn.
Also obtain the skill of use fire protection tools and inspet them regularly.

The staff should inspect the items before put into warehouse and allow safety distance for fire protection.
In hot season, warehouse should use some method to control the temperature to make it in a safety level.

All the trucks drive into warehouse should have necessary fire protection. Auto and tractor is not allowed to enter the warehouse.

When pallet racking engineer design the pallet racking, they should also consider the fire protection. They should allow enough space for fire truck and auto water spray system in roof.

For the mezzanine floor, customer should choose the steel floor with holes, which can allow water go through for fire projection.

As a professional warehouse racking & shelving supplier, T Racking used to supply a lot of project to all over the world.

Any question please feel free to inform us at sales@racking-shelving.com

What’s Pallet Racking?

May 21st, 2013

General speaking, pallet racking is a racking system which to store cargo.

In modern logistic, pallet racking is a storage system which mainly keep cargo and material. Pallet racking is very important in modern logistic & warehouse.  With the development of modern logistic, the request of logistic increased a lot. To make perfect use of warehouse and management and improve warehouse function, customer should not only increase the quantity of racking but also function of warehouse. Automatic and mechanical is also the future direction ofl modern logistic.

There are various kinds of racking system, the major kinds are as below:

1) Traditional racking: including pallet racking, longspan shelving, cantilever racking…etc

2) New type of racking: including rolling racking, automatically racking, shuttle racking..etc

3) Steel racking, plastic racking, wood racking

4) Closed racking, semi closed racking, open racking

5) According to height of racking, the racking can be high racking & low racking and medium racking

6) According to loading capacity, the racking can be heavy duty racking, medium duty racking and light duty racking,

Basic Service of warehouse(1)

May 3rd, 2013

Basic Service of warehouse

1. Market Presence
   Although market presence is not visible like other service.
   It usually looks as a major advantage of local warehouse.
   As everybody know, local warehouse is better than warehouse far away for market action.
   It’s more sensitive for customer’s requirement and delivery more quickly. Local warehouse can help increase market share
   and profit as well.

2. Distributing
   The service provider which offer assortment can be used for manufacturer & wholesale and retailer.
   According to anticipation of customer, they can combine different product and store them.
   For example., one sport wear wholesale may store several kind of garment to serve different customers.
   In the second case, wholesale may create a certain amount of shirts, treasures and shoes.
   Service provider which follow this strategy will store a few kinds of cargo in warehouse and hire lots of small warehouse
   to meet customer requirement.

   By the way, service provider can combine different of product and ship together to save freight and logistic cost.
As a professional warehouse racking and shelving supplier, T Racking export a lot of racking and shelving to all over the world.
Any relative please send us freely at sales@racking-shelving.com

Installation Standard of Pallet racking (2)

April 23rd, 2013

3. premeditation parts

   The size and position fo premeditation parts, should be strict according to drawing.
   Check it before installation.

4. Assembling line
   1) Check each component carefully before line it.
      Set us the standard for line

   2) Set up base line according to axes and height line

   3) When measure the direct and parallel line, we should use gravity hammer.

5. Bolt & nuts for foot plate.
   1) anchor bolt should place according to drawing

   2) The distance from anchor bolt end to floor should be no less than 3D and 30mm.
      The distance of neighboring anchor bolt should be no less than 7.5D.

   3) Holes to place anchor bolt should be away from steel, cable. Do not use premeditation hole.

    4) The basic strength of concrete should be no less than 10MPA

    5) Not allow place bolt in floor seam

6.  Assemble the upright frame
    1)According to frame height, choose manpower or mechanical(crane) to place the upright post,
    Then put a certain number of beams to make stable structure.

    2)After place the first lot, check size & position according to layout drawing, and adjust the height, vertical direction..etc.
      Assemble parts like post protector, frame protector if any. Then assemble the following lines of racking

    3)When use shim plate, please follow below guide:
    A. Put no more than 5 pcs of ship plates under one post, put thick one in bottom and shin one in top
    B. Each shim plate should e place tidy and flat, with good touch
    C. Press each shim plate after adjust direction.

7.  Put safety pins in both end of beams, make sure hooks put into post firmly.

8.  For special racking like drive in racking, mezzanine floor, cantilever racking, assemble them in turn separately

Tooling parts in site:

If there is any prats need to be tooled in site, operate according to relative standard

9. Adjustment
   A. Adjust the racking system from vertical and horizontal direction.
   B. Paint small surface damage area with same color
   C. Screw or the bolts & nuts.

10. Approval
    After finish installation, inspect the racking project according to signed contract.
    Below data is required:
    A. Confirmed drawing
    B. Design standard or revised one.
    C. Inspection record.
    D. Other relative data.

11. Got approval after installation. Or revise according to contract request.

As a reliable pallet racking supplier, T Racking design & export a lot of pallet racking projects to all over the world.Any relative inquiry please feels free to send to sales@racking-shelving.com

Installation Standard of Pallet racking (1)

April 17th, 2013

Installation Standard of Pallet racking (1)

General Rule
1. The purpose of this standard is to guide installation and inspection job, ensure quality and safety. Increas installation efficiency and
save cost.

2. Installation job of pallet racking should be strict according to assemble drawing. When found there is problem with design or layout, please point it out in time.
And then work after approval.

3. When assemble the pallet racking system, you should use various of measurement and instrument to measure and confirm size, the accurate rate should be no less than required rate.

4. When do the installation, please inspect yourself for each step.

5. The installation job should also comply with

Work Condition:

1. Please go through the drawing carefully before job. For complex job like auto warehouse or mezzanine, pls make plan for each step.

2. Please check the transport route and power situation of warehouse.

3. The general construction of warehouse shoulde be completed before racking installation. The floor and channel job should be finished, the concil strength should be no less than 75% of design strength.
   The installtion site should be clean.

4. Got approval if you want to hang something under construction structure.
Parts inspection

1.  Open the parcel and check with packing list, make sure everything is correct.
If there is any damage parts, take pictures and send back them

2. Measure the size of parts to make sure it’s correct

3. Keep hardware, assemble tools properly.

Pallet Racking In China

April 15th, 2013

Pallet Racking In China

In china, pallet racking is a new concept for most companies. As pallet racking comes to China ten years ago.

In modern times, storage & logistic is more and more important in economic. Everyone can benefic it from the reasonable structure and easy installation.

Beneficiate from advanced technology, our pallet racking system designed to be more effective and easy to load/unload, which combine high efficiency and safety.

The field of racking system is diversified, lots industries need pallet racking to storage different cargo, especially logistic center

Currently 60% of pallet racking system locate in Europe, but Asian market especially China market is growing fast. Pallet racking is very important after join with other storage technology like order picker system and roller system. Besides these system, ASRS racking system also develops very quickly these days.

In China, most region requires a lot of pallet racking is the developed area like Guangzhou, dongguan, Shenzhen, shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing…etc. Most of customers works in mechanical, auto, electronic, pharmacy, logistic and storage field.

  Since China enter WTO, the annual GDP growth rate is about 8.0% for the past 13 years.
The requirement of Pallet racking is also increasing quickly, a lot of big projects build in everything of China. T Racking also benefit a lot from the growth economy.