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Longspan Shelving for Algeria

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Talking to Africa, the most common words in your brain may be poor, war, or some bad words.

However, Africa is a fast developing continent, These days T racking export a lot of racking and shelving system to Algeria, we have many customer in South Africa, Tanzania, Algeria, Kenya…etc. We recently ship 2 containers of longspan shelving to Algeria.


Case Name: Algeria electronic company longspan shelving

Case Area: Algeria, Africa

Case type: longspan shelving


This customer is a the biggest electronic company in Algeria, they are a joint venture with famous Chinese electronic group Kangjia. They have employee of more than twenty thousand in Algeria.

Their products including TV. LCD panel, air conditioner, mobile phone, mobile pad,…etc

Their annual sales volume is more than 2 billion USD.


The customer start to contact with us 2 years ago in 2011. They plan to build a new warehouse in that time and wish to import pallet racking from China. They get the information of T Racking from exhibition. After have email correspondence for 2 months. Customer have very good impression for our excellent product and service. Which attract customer most is that we export to Africa since to 2006, we are very familiar with African market. Our racking & shelving design according to the pallet size & loading condition of Africa. Which make customer very happy for it.. Customer is in the step of issue a PO to us. But later financial crisis came, the sales volume of customer also affected by the situation, thus customer deicide to postpone the shipment.


When time came to 2013, customer decide to build the warehouse. In 2012 and 2013, customer enlarge their product range to mobile phone, pad and other items. As they have many more parts to store, we recommend longspan shelving with steel shelf for them to store a lot of cartons.

Customer is content with our solution and issue the PO directly.


After one month manufacturing, T Racking ship them product on time. Under the help of assemble instruction, customer build up the shelving system and send pictures to us.


Customer is very satisfy with the cooperation with T Racking, said they will place 3 different shelving project to us in the near future.


long span shelving

Happy mid autumn day from T Racking

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Dear Valued Customer/Supplier/Workmate:


Autumn is a harvest season, in China mid autumn day is a very special day. People go back to hometown and have holiday together with the whole family.


We wish all the customer/supplier/workmate have a prosperous festival and healthy life.


We hereby thanks the support from all of you. Under your help, we already finish 85% of annual sales target. It’s a very good result especially in the situation of financial crisis.


In the pallet racking & shelving industry, more and more rivals join the competition and someone decrease cost & price by use poor material.

But T Racking always & only use quality material from famous supplier, quality first is the most important rules in our operation.


Our principle give good impression & admire by customer, most customer choose us the storage racking & shelving partner and growth together with us.Which help us earn a annual growth rate of more than 30% since 2002.


We will always offer excellent racking & shelving product and first class service to customer all over the world.

Longspan shelving for South Africa shipped

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Longspan shelving for South Africa shipped

Today T Racking just ship one container of longspan shelving for South Africa Customer.

This customer is a fortune 500 company which mainly make truck parts and mechanical parts. They are leading manufacturer and distributor of power transmission components and the complete range of Challenge branded products are sold through its global distribution network. The company’s Head Office is located in the United Kingdom and the business operates through a number of strategically located subsidiary companies and distributors worldwide.

In early 2009, customer would like to build a new warehouse including storage system for it.  Customer learn our name from exhibition and then send RFQ to several supplier. T Racking reply customer in half an hour with professional introduction and plan. Customer then have a good impression to T Racking. Just the day after that day, T Racking offer a detail beeakdown cost with floor drawing to customer, as well as the ASRS 4084 certificate of our racking. Customer is very happy that our racking have both European FEM and Australia ASRS 4084 standard, and issue the PO to T Racking directly.

After got the original PO, T racking manufacture the pallet racking system with quality steel material immediately, customer receive the racking and finish installation before they estimated. Customer is very content with the cooperation with us. After that customer choose T Racking as strategic warehouse racking supplier.

In early this year, the customer’s South Africa subsidiary want to build a new warehouse with longspan shelving, they just send the layout drawing to T Racking, and we do the rest in a short time with professional solution. Customer sign the new contract immediately.

Today we ship the longspan shelving to customer, which is a good symbol of our excellent pallet racking product and service.

General introduction of mould racking / mold racking

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Mould racking is very import for manufacturing company like mechanical, electronics, plastic…etc

According to different loading capacity, mold racking can is named by light duty mold racking and heavy duty mold racking.

Usually there is crane in the top side, which is used to lift the mold. Mold racking is used to store various of mold.

For manufacturing company, there are a lot of different molds with different function. Thus mold racking is necessary for them to
store them.

Mold racking is made of upright frame and bracing. We can fix guide channel in frame and put beams underneath.
Then put safety pin and top panel. Light duty mold racking use 100×50 C channel to be post.
Mold racking is made from quality Q235 steel one time rolled. The drawer is made from 4.0 bending tube.

Heavy duty mold racking use pallet raking frame as whole structure, then assemble guide rail drawer. Customer can choose different material according to load capacity.

There is 2 bearing inside the guide rail, which make the drawer can be pull/push freely.
Base on safety consideration, engineer design fix pin and safety pin to prevent drawer from dropping out.
The loading capacity of drawer is 200-800kg. The loading capacity of heavy mould racking is 800-1500k.

Mould Racking only need very limited space and have large loading capacity, it’s also easy to operate. The structure of mould racking is stable and cost effective, it’s widely used by all customers.

As a professional racking & shelving supplier, T Racking export a lot of pallet racking and mould racking to all over the world, if you have any question, feel free to inform us at

What’s Pallet Racking?

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

General speaking, pallet racking is a racking system which to store cargo.

In modern logistic, pallet racking is a storage system which mainly keep cargo and material. Pallet racking is very important in modern logistic & warehouse.  With the development of modern logistic, the request of logistic increased a lot. To make perfect use of warehouse and management and improve warehouse function, customer should not only increase the quantity of racking but also function of warehouse. Automatic and mechanical is also the future direction ofl modern logistic.

There are various kinds of racking system, the major kinds are as below:

1) Traditional racking: including pallet racking, longspan shelving, cantilever racking…etc

2) New type of racking: including rolling racking, automatically racking, shuttle racking..etc

3) Steel racking, plastic racking, wood racking

4) Closed racking, semi closed racking, open racking

5) According to height of racking, the racking can be high racking & low racking and medium racking

6) According to loading capacity, the racking can be heavy duty racking, medium duty racking and light duty racking,

Basic Service of warehouse(1)

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Basic Service of warehouse

1. Market Presence
   Although market presence is not visible like other service.
   It usually looks as a major advantage of local warehouse.
   As everybody know, local warehouse is better than warehouse far away for market action.
   It’s more sensitive for customer’s requirement and delivery more quickly. Local warehouse can help increase market share
   and profit as well.

2. Distributing
   The service provider which offer assortment can be used for manufacturer & wholesale and retailer.
   According to anticipation of customer, they can combine different product and store them.
   For example., one sport wear wholesale may store several kind of garment to serve different customers.
   In the second case, wholesale may create a certain amount of shirts, treasures and shoes.
   Service provider which follow this strategy will store a few kinds of cargo in warehouse and hire lots of small warehouse
   to meet customer requirement.
   By the way, service provider can combine different of product and ship together to save freight and logistic cost.
As a professional warehouse racking and shelving supplier, T Racking export a lot of racking and shelving to all over the world.
Any relative please send us freely at

New mezzanine floor project finished

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

T Racking just finish a mezzanine floor and steel platform project. The project already got approval by customer and store cargo.




We choose one corner of steel platform for customer to build office, to make the whole area better. The racking project match with building wall very well,





according to customer requirement, we combine mezzanine racking and steel platform. For the color, we choose normal blue for frame and light grey for shelf. The 2 color make the warehouse looks very beautiful





On the first floor, as the floor condition is good, we recommend customer put first level direct on the floor, which can help save one level of beams and shelf, help customer save warehouse racking cost


In the mean time, to maximum storage capacity, we design the steel platform same height with racking height, also make the storage more flexible.


As a professional pallet racking & storage shelving supplier, T Racking build a lot of nice jobs in local and oversea markets, any relative inquiry feel free to email us at


Mezzanine floor big project in Oma

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

In middle 2012, T Racking won a big mezzanine floor project in Oman.


This project is for a very large logistic center base in Oman, it’s used for store steel or wood furniture. When we received the RFQ from customer, considering furniture piece have very large scale and with small weight, we recommend customer choose mezzanine floor for this project.


As the logistic center is very large, it’s a complex job to design racking system for the logistic center,  but the professional engineer of T Racking is good at it. They design 2 options with detail drawing for each component just in 2 days. Our hard working spirit and professional design capacity give customer very good impression.


After compare with different offers from other suppliers, customer decided to visit us and have a face to face talk for their detail requirement. T Racking then arrange a fruitful trip for customer, during the 4 days visit, customer visit the manufacturing capacity & equipment of T Racking, also visit a few big projects in local market for T Racking. After the visit, customer know better for operation of us, and wish to work with us for the project.


After go back to Oman, customer finally confirmed the plan and payment term with T Racking.

We then tool the project in a short period and delivery them by 4 lots according to customer requirement.


The total project worth more than US$800,000.00, which is one of the biggest project for pallet racking and mezzanine floor we have ever done.

Acquire Additional Outside Fewer Along with Space Keeping Shelving

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

There is a straightforward procedure relating to hard drive: No matter the best way massive the house will be, it is going to in no way become massive sufficient to be able to shop your entire equipment. A lot more space you’ve, a lot more probably you happen to be to be able to fill up that to the top of the glass along with a lot more equipment. This is when excellent shelving programs may come into play that will produce arranging simpler even more helpful. If the options are real wood, steel, wire and also a further substance, shelving will make a terrific distinction.

In order to come up with a storage and also cabinet provide an increased group procedure, there are a number connected with guidelines that should be considered previous to drawers are generally brought in. These include:

* Pc registry the place fully. This means yanking everything out there; dealing with that; along with throwing away what seriously isn’t desired and also what won’t become utilised. Unless of course a little something possesses major emotional worth, that really should not be stored if that hasn’t observed the mild connected with daytime inside decades.

* Along with everything from your cabinet and also storage, anyone can verify the space additional properly. This means acquiring sizing’s to your drawers. You’ll find it means taking into consideration what you’d like to be able to shop on these people along with the best way. Unsafe chemical compounds, for example, could be much better stored on the leading space and also in a locking case space in a space. Clothing ought to be deemed intended for cabinets.

* Choose the shelving you would like. Intended for garages, take into account weather conditions fears. Some places the moisture along with moisture can certainly smash real wood drawers therefore steel and also wire could be the wiser decision. Cabinets will administer the a little bit distinct configuration usually. They ought to contain a combination connected with shelving intended for stocking things that is folded, shoes even more and also rods intended for clothing that must become strung ” up “.

* After you’ve scored areas along with harvested the amount of drawers you would like, it can be time period to be able to look for these people. Be sure to provide the listing along with you along with take care to be sure the sizing’s match.

Given that the purchase has been designed, it can be time period in the first place that will clean standing along with set up the drawers effectively. This means anchoring these people if hefty things is going to be put on these people and also if young children are generally in your own home. The shelving device can certainly and will tip over if it may not be effectively weighted along with anchored.

If positioning the things at a distance, come up with a plan. Choose drawers intended for such as things along with follow that will plan. Corporation is a ideal influence of a shelving venture, therefore going down lower on the occupation at this point will not likely perform.

No matter the best way massive the house will be it can be probably it could enjoy a couple of excellent shelving units. Drawers inside cabinets can certainly get into unburn space for more hard drive. They will provide much better places intended for sweatshirts, shoes et cetera. Drawers in a storage will make that a great deal of simpler to get what exactly you will need if you have to have these people. In case your excellent system is set up, placed drawers is going to be designated intended for toys and games, online games, equipment, chemical compounds et cetera.

By simply gaining from shelving, the property owner will make perhaps a little property additional tidy. Perhaps little cabinets can certainly keep a good deal in case your excellent system is set up. A little storage, also, can certainly two bottle like a excellent (along with tidy) storage space via the use of drawers. Steel, wire and even real wood, drawers will make a large distinction inside hard drive.

Rest room Shelves- A Multiple Tool Merchandise

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Bathroom place safe-keeping are the perfect matter around any kind of property along with the rest room shelving have to assist a double function. They feature both living space and in addition react for a decorating bit. All these shelving have to be positioned as potentially they are beneficial, both hands will be able to get to all of them comfortably but without doubt they need to possibly not often be around one place when you’ll be able to beat your head. It is a subtle bit of a person’s rest room d�cor.

Plenty of factors should be considered in advance of having a person’s rest room shelving match. The primary thing staying the species of notch that might go well with your rest room. A cup notch could be classy and could give a visual look for your rest room but a wood made notch could be stronger ; however , the item ought to be within a location when right now there shouldn’t be get in touch with having h2o. Your second thing is usually to realize your identify inside rest room to repair your notch.

Rest room shelving are usually associated with numerous kinds. That they arrive as outlet sums, free standing and place gadgets. Los angeles injury attorney you opts to get a rest room notch rather than internal shelving is because associated with living space demands and so in advance of buying a rest room notch you are required to simply resolve your identify, measure the room and select a notch that might simply match your sizes. Whenever you opts to purchase a outlet bracket it can be crucial to ensure regarding the energy on the outlet and in addition regarding the drawer pulls that might hold the unit. To get larger bathrooms shelving having rest room vanity could deliver elegance women and men items retained inside vanity event could be exposed in order to splashing associated with h2o.

Rest room shelving include numerous kinds open up type and cubby type or anything else. A open up type notch could let you to definitely show your frizzy hair to help items, soaps, system options or anything else, although within a cubby type you possibly can store your shower towels. Around smaller bathrooms open up shelving could be positioned. Open up baskets could be retained around every single alternative notch inside that the frizzy hair dryer or perhaps some other electric home appliances or perhaps bathroom place self care merchandise may be retained. Baskets may also be you bit of decorating containers which you can use to hold rest room requirements similar to cotton tennis balls, gas or anything else. Open up shelving may be manufactured somewhat decorating by stocking the item having soaps, shaving soaps, scented candles, bathroom shower towels, razors or anything else.

However you’ll find enormous types of shelving obtainable the selection should be generated for one that could aptly go well with your rest room. The colour on the shelving along with the motif on the rest room have to be taken into account as well. In case you have a bathroom that has a shade coordination associated with paper, you will have got locate shelving either around cup or perhaps paper. Looking for wood made notch could pamper the design on the total rest room.

Rest room shelving don’t need to come in via very costly things. It’s got in order to durable, water resistant and have to integrate the room you have structured hard. Rest room shelving occasionally react an essential cover-up that will disguise your complete rest room merchandise that you don’t wish the world to discover similar to a person’s sanitary pads, condoms or perhaps a person’s tongue cleaner.