Mezzanine floor big project in Oma

In middle 2012, T Racking won a big mezzanine floor project in Oman.


This project is for a very large logistic center base in Oman, it’s used for store steel or wood furniture. When we received the RFQ from customer, considering furniture piece have very large scale and with small weight, we recommend customer choose mezzanine floor for this project.


As the logistic center is very large, it’s a complex job to design racking system for the logistic center,  but the professional engineer of T Racking is good at it. They design 2 options with detail drawing for each component just in 2 days. Our hard working spirit and professional design capacity give customer very good impression.


After compare with different offers from other suppliers, customer decided to visit us and have a face to face talk for their detail requirement. T Racking then arrange a fruitful trip for customer, during the 4 days visit, customer visit the manufacturing capacity & equipment of T Racking, also visit a few big projects in local market for T Racking. After the visit, customer know better for operation of us, and wish to work with us for the project.


After go back to Oman, customer finally confirmed the plan and payment term with T Racking.

We then tool the project in a short period and delivery them by 4 lots according to customer requirement.


The total project worth more than US$800,000.00, which is one of the biggest project for pallet racking and mezzanine floor we have ever done.

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