Pallet Racking In China

Pallet Racking In China

In china, pallet racking is a new concept for most companies. As pallet racking comes to China ten years ago.

In modern times, storage & logistic is more and more important in economic. Everyone can benefic it from the reasonable structure and easy installation.

Beneficiate from advanced technology, our pallet racking system designed to be more effective and easy to load/unload, which combine high efficiency and safety.

The field of racking system is diversified, lots industries need pallet racking to storage different cargo, especially logistic center

Currently 60% of pallet racking system locate in Europe, but Asian market especially China market is growing fast. Pallet racking is very important after join with other storage technology like order picker system and roller system. Besides these system, ASRS racking system also develops very quickly these days.

In China, most region requires a lot of pallet racking is the developed area like Guangzhou, dongguan, Shenzhen, shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing…etc. Most of customers works in mechanical, auto, electronic, pharmacy, logistic and storage field.

  Since China enter WTO, the annual GDP growth rate is about 8.0% for the past 13 years.
The requirement of Pallet racking is also increasing quickly, a lot of big projects build in everything of China. T Racking also benefit a lot from the growth economy.

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