Installation Standard of Pallet racking (1)

Installation Standard of Pallet racking (1)

General Rule
1. The purpose of this standard is to guide installation and inspection job, ensure quality and safety. Increas installation efficiency and
save cost.

2. Installation job of pallet racking should be strict according to assemble drawing. When found there is problem with design or layout, please point it out in time.
And then work after approval.

3. When assemble the pallet racking system, you should use various of measurement and instrument to measure and confirm size, the accurate rate should be no less than required rate.

4. When do the installation, please inspect yourself for each step.

5. The installation job should also comply with

Work Condition:

1. Please go through the drawing carefully before job. For complex job like auto warehouse or mezzanine, pls make plan for each step.

2. Please check the transport route and power situation of warehouse.

3. The general construction of warehouse shoulde be completed before racking installation. The floor and channel job should be finished, the concil strength should be no less than 75% of design strength.
   The installtion site should be clean.

4. Got approval if you want to hang something under construction structure.
Parts inspection

1.  Open the parcel and check with packing list, make sure everything is correct.
If there is any damage parts, take pictures and send back them

2. Measure the size of parts to make sure it’s correct

3. Keep hardware, assemble tools properly.

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