Installation Standard of Pallet racking (2)

3. premeditation parts

   The size and position fo premeditation parts, should be strict according to drawing.
   Check it before installation.

4. Assembling line
   1) Check each component carefully before line it.
      Set us the standard for line

   2) Set up base line according to axes and height line

   3) When measure the direct and parallel line, we should use gravity hammer.

5. Bolt & nuts for foot plate.
   1) anchor bolt should place according to drawing

   2) The distance from anchor bolt end to floor should be no less than 3D and 30mm.
      The distance of neighboring anchor bolt should be no less than 7.5D.

   3) Holes to place anchor bolt should be away from steel, cable. Do not use premeditation hole.

    4) The basic strength of concrete should be no less than 10MPA

    5) Not allow place bolt in floor seam

6.  Assemble the upright frame
    1)According to frame height, choose manpower or mechanical(crane) to place the upright post,
    Then put a certain number of beams to make stable structure.

    2)After place the first lot, check size & position according to layout drawing, and adjust the height, vertical direction..etc.
      Assemble parts like post protector, frame protector if any. Then assemble the following lines of racking
    3)When use shim plate, please follow below guide:
    A. Put no more than 5 pcs of ship plates under one post, put thick one in bottom and shin one in top
    B. Each shim plate should e place tidy and flat, with good touch
    C. Press each shim plate after adjust direction.

7.  Put safety pins in both end of beams, make sure hooks put into post firmly.

8.  For special racking like drive in racking, mezzanine floor, cantilever racking, assemble them in turn separately

Tooling parts in site:

If there is any prats need to be tooled in site, operate according to relative standard

9. Adjustment
   A. Adjust the racking system from vertical and horizontal direction.
   B. Paint small surface damage area with same color
   C. Screw or the bolts & nuts.

10. Approval
    After finish installation, inspect the racking project according to signed contract.
    Below data is required:
    A. Confirmed drawing
    B. Design standard or revised one.
    C. Inspection record.
    D. Other relative data.

11. Got approval after installation. Or revise according to contract request.

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