Basic Service of warehouse(1)

Basic Service of warehouse

1. Market Presence
   Although market presence is not visible like other service.
   It usually looks as a major advantage of local warehouse.
   As everybody know, local warehouse is better than warehouse far away for market action.
   It’s more sensitive for customer’s requirement and delivery more quickly. Local warehouse can help increase market share
   and profit as well.

2. Distributing
   The service provider which offer assortment can be used for manufacturer & wholesale and retailer.
   According to anticipation of customer, they can combine different product and store them.
   For example., one sport wear wholesale may store several kind of garment to serve different customers.
   In the second case, wholesale may create a certain amount of shirts, treasures and shoes.
   Service provider which follow this strategy will store a few kinds of cargo in warehouse and hire lots of small warehouse
   to meet customer requirement.
   By the way, service provider can combine different of product and ship together to save freight and logistic cost.
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