What’s Pallet Racking?

General speaking, pallet racking is a racking system which to store cargo.

In modern logistic, pallet racking is a storage system which mainly keep cargo and material. Pallet racking is very important in modern logistic & warehouse.  With the development of modern logistic, the request of logistic increased a lot. To make perfect use of warehouse and management and improve warehouse function, customer should not only increase the quantity of racking but also function of warehouse. Automatic and mechanical is also the future direction ofl modern logistic.

There are various kinds of racking system, the major kinds are as below:

1) Traditional racking: including pallet racking, longspan shelving, cantilever racking…etc

2) New type of racking: including rolling racking, automatically racking, shuttle racking..etc

3) Steel racking, plastic racking, wood racking

4) Closed racking, semi closed racking, open racking

5) According to height of racking, the racking can be high racking & low racking and medium racking

6) According to loading capacity, the racking can be heavy duty racking, medium duty racking and light duty racking,

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