Fire Protection for warehouse racking

The design of new warehouse should be strict according to the national standards of our country.
It should also be audited by fire protection bureau. After warehouse completed, customer should approve the warehouse along with fire protection bureau.
If it don’t pass the inspection, the warehouse couldn’t be used.

Usually the warehouse owner should set one man in charge of fire protection who take responsibility of the fire safety for entire warehouse.
And also have fire train lesson for all the warehouse staff regularly. Which can help them save themselves in case there is fire in warehouse.

The warehouse manager should know the fire specification for cargo in warehouse especially for the items which is easy to burn.
Also obtain the skill of use fire protection tools and inspet them regularly.

The staff should inspect the items before put into warehouse and allow safety distance for fire protection.
In hot season, warehouse should use some method to control the temperature to make it in a safety level.

All the trucks drive into warehouse should have necessary fire protection. Auto and tractor is not allowed to enter the warehouse.

When pallet racking engineer design the pallet racking, they should also consider the fire protection. They should allow enough space for fire truck and auto water spray system in roof.

For the mezzanine floor, customer should choose the steel floor with holes, which can allow water go through for fire projection.

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