General introduction of mould racking / mold racking

Mould racking is very import for manufacturing company like mechanical, electronics, plastic…etc

According to different loading capacity, mold racking can is named by light duty mold racking and heavy duty mold racking.

Usually there is crane in the top side, which is used to lift the mold. Mold racking is used to store various of mold.

For manufacturing company, there are a lot of different molds with different function. Thus mold racking is necessary for them to
store them.

Mold racking is made of upright frame and bracing. We can fix guide channel in frame and put beams underneath.
Then put safety pin and top panel. Light duty mold racking use 100×50 C channel to be post.
Mold racking is made from quality Q235 steel one time rolled. The drawer is made from 4.0 bending tube.

Heavy duty mold racking use pallet raking frame as whole structure, then assemble guide rail drawer. Customer can choose different material according to load capacity.

There is 2 bearing inside the guide rail, which make the drawer can be pull/push freely.
Base on safety consideration, engineer design fix pin and safety pin to prevent drawer from dropping out.
The loading capacity of drawer is 200-800kg. The loading capacity of heavy mould racking is 800-1500k.

Mould Racking only need very limited space and have large loading capacity, it’s also easy to operate. The structure of mould racking is stable and cost effective, it’s widely used by all customers.

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