Longspan Shelving for Algeria

Talking to Africa, the most common words in your brain may be poor, war, or some bad words.

However, Africa is a fast developing continent, These days T racking export a lot of racking and shelving system to Algeria, we have many customer in South Africa, Tanzania, Algeria, Kenya…etc. We recently ship 2 containers of longspan shelving to Algeria.


Case Name: Algeria electronic company longspan shelving

Case Area: Algeria, Africa

Case type: longspan shelving


This customer is a the biggest electronic company in Algeria, they are a joint venture with famous Chinese electronic group Kangjia. They have employee of more than twenty thousand in Algeria.

Their products including TV. LCD panel, air conditioner, mobile phone, mobile pad,…etc

Their annual sales volume is more than 2 billion USD.


The customer start to contact with us 2 years ago in 2011. They plan to build a new warehouse in that time and wish to import pallet racking from China. They get the information of T Racking from exhibition. After have email correspondence for 2 months. Customer have very good impression for our excellent product and service. Which attract customer most is that we export to Africa since to 2006, we are very familiar with African market. Our racking & shelving design according to the pallet size & loading condition of Africa. Which make customer very happy for it.. Customer is in the step of issue a PO to us. But later financial crisis came, the sales volume of customer also affected by the situation, thus customer deicide to postpone the shipment.


When time came to 2013, customer decide to build the warehouse. In 2012 and 2013, customer enlarge their product range to mobile phone, pad and other items. As they have many more parts to store, we recommend longspan shelving with steel shelf for them to store a lot of cartons.

Customer is content with our solution and issue the PO directly.


After one month manufacturing, T Racking ship them product on time. Under the help of assemble instruction, customer build up the shelving system and send pictures to us.


Customer is very satisfy with the cooperation with T Racking, said they will place 3 different shelving project to us in the near future.


long span shelving

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