New mezzanine floor project finished

April 9th, 2013

T Racking just finish a mezzanine floor and steel platform project. The project already got approval by customer and store cargo.




We choose one corner of steel platform for customer to build office, to make the whole area better. The racking project match with building wall very well,





according to customer requirement, we combine mezzanine racking and steel platform. For the color, we choose normal blue for frame and light grey for shelf. The 2 color make the warehouse looks very beautiful





On the first floor, as the floor condition is good, we recommend customer put first level direct on the floor, which can help save one level of beams and shelf, help customer save warehouse racking cost


In the mean time, to maximum storage capacity, we design the steel platform same height with racking height, also make the storage more flexible.


As a professional pallet racking & storage shelving supplier, T Racking build a lot of nice jobs in local and oversea markets, any relative inquiry feel free to email us at


How to reduce warehouse storage cost

April 2nd, 2013

Warehouse is a place where company store material and keep inventory, it’s very important area to reduce operation cost, but seldom put into important area by companies. Some company pay attention to reduce inventory and improve cargo flow, but they don’t know how to do it. Thus we introduce some methods for your reference:

1. Reduce stock. Reduce stock means increase stock turnover and money flow. This is very important for company finance. Once market changed, the warehouse strategy can change accordingly very quickly. First, count the quantity and make sure the actual stock quantity.
Then adjust stock qty according to safety stock quantity.  Afterwards warehouse manager should discuss stock requirement with purchase manager and confirm a suitable stock level. This can save money for stock.

2. Check stock everyday and help management know better for stock level. It’s obviously that correct decision can be only made base on correct stock level. Logistic department should know which items flow fast and which items flow slowly. For the items flow very slowly, we should work out the reason and suggest solution for it.
For the items already out of market, we should deal with it in time to save warehouse cost and money cost.

3. Adjust warehouse layout, increase storage capacity and logistic speed. This is very important especially these days land cost is very high. Warehouse manager should discuss with pallet racking and warehouse shelving supplier carefully for this issue. Warehouse manager should choose a suitable racking solution according to the requirement of company

4. Work out standard operation time for warehouse pick up, load/unload job and labeling system.
This can help measure whether logistic work is reasonable and handled properly.
As a professional racking & shelving supplier, T Racking help a lot of customers in different industries to maximum storage capacity and make best use of warehouse, we are glad to offer you a detail solution base on detail RFQ.

Mezzanine floor big project in Oma

March 27th, 2013

In middle 2012, T Racking won a big mezzanine floor project in Oman.


This project is for a very large logistic center base in Oman, it’s used for store steel or wood furniture. When we received the RFQ from customer, considering furniture piece have very large scale and with small weight, we recommend customer choose mezzanine floor for this project.


As the logistic center is very large, it’s a complex job to design racking system for the logistic center,  but the professional engineer of T Racking is good at it. They design 2 options with detail drawing for each component just in 2 days. Our hard working spirit and professional design capacity give customer very good impression.


After compare with different offers from other suppliers, customer decided to visit us and have a face to face talk for their detail requirement. T Racking then arrange a fruitful trip for customer, during the 4 days visit, customer visit the manufacturing capacity & equipment of T Racking, also visit a few big projects in local market for T Racking. After the visit, customer know better for operation of us, and wish to work with us for the project.


After go back to Oman, customer finally confirmed the plan and payment term with T Racking.

We then tool the project in a short period and delivery them by 4 lots according to customer requirement.


The total project worth more than US$800,000.00, which is one of the biggest project for pallet racking and mezzanine floor we have ever done.

How to inspect pallet racking

March 25th, 2013

After customer place pallet racking order for your warehouse, every customer will care about how to inspect pallet racking, and make sure it’s exactly what you order before shipment.

There is several steps as below to inspect the quality of pallet racking customer required.

1. Check the overall size of racking system.
This is very important as size is a important factor of pallet racking. Customer can use a tape measurement to measure the length of frame & beam, especially for the thickness of component, customer could use vernier calipers to measure it.

2. Check the quantity of items according to PO.
Customer should check the detail component list according to PO. Especially for the frames,
As frames consists of upright post, horizontal bracing & diagonal bracing, post protector, base plate, bolts & nuts…etc.

3. Check material of frames and beams.
Customer could go to material store to check quality of material, T Racking only choose quality material from famous steel supplier.

4. Check surface treatment of pallet racking
Surface treatment is very important for pallet racking, As everyone can see it obviously.
Customer can use a knife to hit the surface of frame and beam. For quality powder coating, there will only be nick left and the powder attached surface very well, if the surface treatment is not properly, the powder will drop off by piece

5. Check the packing.
Packing is especially important during sea freight, as frames and beams will store in container for almost 1 month, if not pack properly, they will hit and damage each other.
For T Racking, our standard export packing works for more than 10 years and customer have very positive feedback.
In all, it’s very important to select a reliable pallet racking supplier like us, we will help customer solve all the problems.

Big warehouse pallet racking tender in Somali

March 15th, 2013

T Racking just won a racking render for Somali airport,


Talking into Somali, the first impression is that in this area there are a lot of pirates in this country. Also seems it’s a country full of war, violence…etc.


The customer is a leading fortune 500 shipping company which will build a large warehouse near the airport of Somali, At first when we got the RFQ for pallet racking from customer. We thought it was a rough job. As customer require technical to support assembling work.. All the engineers don’t with to go there due to safety problem.


When we talk about this point with customer, they said the project is in Mogadishu which is the capital of Somali. It’s very safe and under the control of UN army. Not like the country area which has pirates. They already have a team with 30 people work there.


After explanation of customer, we understand the situation there and then offer a warehouse plan for pallet racking quickly. Then customer found pallet racking is not enough for the required storage capacity. Considering the major items was vegetables and fruit in cold store. Engineer of T racking suggest customer use drive in racking and make detail drawing for customer.


After customer compare different offer from several suppliers, our solution is the most cost effective one and have same storage capacity, then customer place the order to us even without a face to face talk.


Attached the final confirmed drive in racking drawing



Rolled Edge Shelving Sample Finished

February 27th, 2013

T Racking just finished the new sample of rut shelving these days.

In the passed 2012, we export a lot of rolled upright type shelving to Australia, South Africa and UK. The quality and design got approval by customer. Customer is happy with the quality of rut shelving manufactured by our company and most customers have stable orders for it.

Rut shelving including rolled side panel (which is also called upright), steel shelf, back panel, drawers, shelf dividers, kick plate, etc. It can be used for office furniture and industry parts storage. We are happy to quote according to detail requirement of customer

Hyperlink pallet racking assembly makes the beverages trade coursing

October 23rd, 2012

Hyperlink 51, the UKʼs top shelving along with hard drive maker, recently done the assembly connected with wide section pallet racking in a Bristol mass hard drive stockroom, on behalf of the ranked beverages store, Matthew Clark.

The stockroom, handled from the Bristol Dock Company, can be found on the Royal Portbury Pier. The choose along with wrap facility will be probably Matthew Clarkʼs multi-level connected with syndication centers across the UNITED KINGDOM, offering customers along with an array of several, 000 products and solutions such as wine, wine, spirits, beers along with soft drinks.

pallet racking

pallet racking

Hyperlink 51 ended up being determined from the Bristol Dock Company to style, manufacture along with set up the pallet racking on the 8452 sqm syndication heart. The racking ended up being to allow for for a power connected with 8572 pallet places, along with heights ranging through several to be able to 6 pallets on the maximum elevation from the pitched stockroom.
Because Matthew Clarkʼs let on a pre-existing The west syndication heart ended up being due to reach its expiration date, Hyperlink 51 have tiny with a calendar month whereby to accomplish all of the assembly.
Bristol Portʼs Advancement Professional, Paul Osborne reported, “The demand ended up being on within this assembly along with My business is proud to convey that will Hyperlink 51 found the challenges head-on from the start. ”

Using comprehensive considering so when the stockroom ended up being created for mass hard drive, first important agenda ended up being to add fifteen a great deal of steel spreader discs compliment the system on the specifically hardened stockroom ground piece. After that, to be able to fully utilise the place from the ground community in order to allow better freedom in the course of pallet selecting surgical procedures intended for Bristol Portʼs three reach vehicles, the racking procedure ended up being influenced by fifteen wide aisles, just about every 75 metres prolonged along with a couple of linking bays to be able to aid mix section airport transfers.

Just about every pallet place ended up being designed because 1m wide by simply one. only two m deeply, in contrast to the
typical one. 2m wide by simply 1m deeply, in so doing counting in improved proficiency inside automobile loading along with syndication.

Intended for security uses, the racking procedure listed ground mounted, high presence yellow-colored tubular boundaries sometimes facet of every section access place. The assembly ended up being done per week ahead of routine.

“Given plenty of time constraints, that Hyperlink 51 brands in england gives ample rewards, such as speedy access to spares because then when expected. We would become extremely secure applying Hyperlink 51 once again intended for foreseeable future pallet racking assignments, ” additional Mr Osborne.

Automatic icon hard drive streamlines output during springtime factory

October 23rd, 2012

Because the start connected with 2011, output proficiency possesses improved drastically on the popular coiling facility connected with Hanson Rises inside Mellor Neighborhood, Rochdale, using the assembly of a 25-metre-high hard drive podium through Kasto to be able to property the icon from which the rises are created. They’re just utilised in the world intended for pass control uses from the oil along with fuel, petrochemical along with energy generation areas, all of which are generally currently buoyant along with demanding additional rises inside quicker sending moments.

pallet racking

pallet racking

Mark Hanson, the overseer from the company, commented, “Whereas that familiar with have you approximately three a long time to find substance buried end of it connected with typical pallet racking, icon is already out there from the podium inside three plus a one half moments connected with phoning that ” up ” using the pc control screen.
“This is a maximum spiral time period; mostly the investment will be sent to the end result station way quicker.
“Previously, we all designed the manufacture all-around icon that has been sensibly out there at any time. Even so, if the immediate purchase arrived inside requiring access to elusive icon, personnel have zero substitute yet to spend time period searching for that.

“Using the automatic hard drive along with access procedure, freedom connected with output possesses much better along with lead-time will be minimized, at times greatly. ”

The common dimension of a batch connected with rises was in the oven two- to be able to 50-off, requiring regular move from the coiling seed. Make use of that high priced seed will be maximised by simply induce appearance connected with cut-to-length steel icon. Fifteen tonnes are generally ready-made everyday along with improved earning may conveniently amortise the £1 mil expenditure of money from the hard drive podium along with related municipal engineering function.

A large number of supplemental rewards collect through boosted logistics. For example, the 23-ton 18 wheeler earlier went on all-around three a long time to be able to un-load because the overhead crane gone on along with just about every batch connected with icon during slower than walking speed across the typical racking. Stocking the Kasto podium will take 40 moments — several to be able to 5 moments quicker — for the reason that store’s reviews / end result station is simply included in the entrance.

Further more earmarks of the podium shop contain much better security from the diet substance, which will simply become accessed by simply PIN NUMBER computer code. A further benefit will be minimized threat to be able to crane providers, considering that they fewer regularly must reach all-around packages connected with icon on typical shelves to put on working out with straps. A large number of shelves were retained, even so, to be able to shop substance over eight metres prolonged — the tower’s maximum power.

Every single 212 audio cassettes from the KASTOunitower are generally eight, 000 mm prolonged by simply more than 200 mm high by simply nine hundred mm deeply and will hold up to be able to three. a few tonnes connected with substance, offering the shop the theoretical power connected with 742 tonnes. There’s a investment control facility developed in the podium controlled, even though Hanson Rises uses a pc procedure with this function.

The round portion, co2 steel icon runs through something like 20 to be able to 40 mm diameter. Beneath that dimension, icon will be provided inside coils along with Hanson Rises is already taking into consideration purchasing a Kasto automatic menu hard drive procedure to support this type of substance.

Mark Hanson went on to be able to make clear the history to be able to the installation of the KASTOunitower three. a few hard drive procedure on the Mellor Neighborhood website, an extended, thin making that this company shifted into twelve month period rice. The stockroom ended up being additional on the again 7 decades soon after along with easily the main facility attained power. It was before not necessarily helpful to be able to manufacture popular coil on website along with transfer that to be able to a further place intended for hard drive, therefore more space needed to be liberated to allow for extension.

Originally, Mark along with his papa, Malcolm, who started the corporation inside 1967, have deemed the installation of cantilever pallet racking using a moveable base. Even so, it would include necessitated repaying out there the making for a brand-new real base to become installed, that has been considered impracticable.

They first deemed the KASTOunitop option, the automatic icon shop along with the rider crane travelling too much, yet that failed to slot in the out there space. Even so, the KASTOunitower could possibly be offering weatherproof cladding in order that it would be positioned in the garden the making, making sacrifice space on the inside. We were holding cognizant of current Kasto hard drive procedure customers such as closure maker, AESSEAL along with Böhler, probably Hanson Springs’ steel vendors, which often offered reassurance that will Kasto ended up being the best possibilities significant other.

From the first 90 days connected with procedure, two-thirds connected with Hanson Springs’ icon investment ended up being shifted to be able to its podium, which often liberated about 50 % from the stockroom community. Along the way, useable icon remnants ended up unearthed from the base connected with a variety of shelves, offering the windfall value a number of thousands of weight.

The sacrifice space from the stockroom is going to be familiar with increase the springtime output community, using a bandsaw along with whether icon peeling and also mincing unit soon enough to become set up.

Stockroom alternatives service provider Stöcklin gives brand-new logistics heart intended for Tissot

October 23rd, 2012

Stockroom alternatives service provider Stöcklin possesses provided a brand new logistics heart intended for Tissot inside Locle, Swiss. Built-in just simply eight weeks sufficient reason for the hard drive power connected with 6, 600 cubic meters, the fresh heart supports approximately twelve month period mil designer watches, pieces along with add-ons — pretty much doubling the business’ hard drive power during its middle head office.
At the heart from the seed is a fully automatic tiny elements stockroom pre-loaded with 32, 000 containers hard drive postures alongside 5 aisles, functioned by simply 5 Stöcklin BOXer stacker cranes. Appears defined function concentrations are generally set up over a couple of relevant floors, all of which often is equipped with the conveyor never-ending loop, along with function gas stops intended for portion selecting on the first ground and for done products and solutions on the top ground. The little elements stockroom will be complemented by just a box-live hard drive procedure to the business’ action-packed designer watches plus a by hand handled pallet pallet racking procedure intended for add-ons.

Just about every stacker crane will be fixed along with the anti-oscillation generate which is attached to the mast head along with which often gets rid of the oscillations from the mast where feasible — assisting the motion from the cranes from the horizontally focus. Subsequently, the powerful comparisons could be doubled as well as the spiral moments minimized although keeping similar function fill. The Stöcklin BOXer cranes in addition allow the vitality earned in the course of braking to become shifted to be able to alternative axes via combining in-feed along with regenerative suggestions adventures, counting in substantial vitality benefits.
Stöcklin has also set up the animations visualisation procedure which is fully built-in while using Stockroom Direction Procedure, allowing the real-time sight on the standing off surgical procedures along with procedure. Virtually any possibilities challenges are generally right away identified along with flagged, allowing control personnel to be able to speedily intervene.

Inside September 2011, CAS Engineering Restrained ended up being appointed the Distinctive UNITED KINGDOM Significant other intended for Stöcklin. Along with over 20 years’ knowledge from the style, assembly along with repair connected with Wöhr Automatic Automobile Storing Programs in england, CAS gives similar concentrations connected with know-how, company along with help support to the comprehensive Stöcklin assortment.

Workshop plan intended for brand-new frigid supply string affair revealed

October 23rd, 2012

Chelsea Sturman, TOP DOG from the FSDF, may cease over workshop plan on Wednesday 14 September during eight. 30am along with the rewards to the federation. That presentation may protect latest FSDF hobbies; the use of account; as well as the brand-new exercise sessions system to the sector, Foodstuff Logistics Knowledge Pathway. Chelsea is going to be implemented on the podium during 13. 00am by simply Ian Hancock, Chairman from the FSDF’s Practical along with Safety Committee, who will found the round-up connected with relevant practical along with safety issues.

During 13. 30am Tim Hart, Overseer from the Lancaster-based consultancy, Comprehensive Energy, may chat during on ‘Energy Direction — Combining the Dots’ whereby when called he’ll make clear the reason why vitality direction will be additional than easily vitality proficiency. After that Chelsea Sturman returns to the lectern during twelve month period. 00 for a speak titled ‘ATEX along with DSEAR: Refrigeration Laws It is advisable to Know’. The FSDF may also beautiful prospects on its remain, G19, along with on the FSDF commune, where a large number of FSDF link associates is going to be demonstrating their particular services and pallet racking.

pallet racking

pallet racking

On the Thursday from the show, BFFF Director-General, Brian Young, may submit the BFFF line-up, presenting an evaluation from the English freezing foodstuff marketplace during eight. 30am. After that during 13. 00am Graeme Daytime, BFFF Trade & Product sales Boss, may discuss BFFF account providers, going back to the podium during 13. 30am immediately after a short refreshment bust to be able to discuss BFFF occasions. During 13. 40am, Brian Young returns to be able to make clear the federation’s advertise ads. Brian will likely then round over plan by simply speaking about BFFF’s method along with foreseeable future plans, then a short ‘Question along with Answer’ procedure during twelve month period. 15pm.

The afternoon workshop plan may function an array of audio system on popular issues from the frigid supply string. Free refreshments is going to be offered to the viewers in between audio system on both equally days and nights.

A wide range of cost-saving displays
Over 40 from the industry’s major online players may demonstrate an extremely wide assortment connected with services and products which will lower prices along with boost proficiency from the chilled along with freezing supply string. Exhibitors contain refrigerated automobile manufacturers, bodybuilders along with converters; forklift 18 wheeler vendors; transfer refrigeration manufacturers along with distributors; temp keeping track of along with control gurus; automatic substance coping with procedure integrators; frigid shop along with alternative entrance organizations.

Refrigeration seed manufacturers; stockroom lighting effects vendors; frigid shop installers along with solar panel manufacturers; business floor- along with wall-coating gurus; refrigerator along with admirer coil vendors; pallet racking vendors; rack security gear vendors; frigid shop deep-cleaning service providers; automobile leasing along with contract retain organizations; loading bay procedure vendors; frigid shop engineering gurus; freight control vendors; appearance gear providers; vendors connected with specialized un wanted gas; along with supply string THAT option providers.

Survive simulated community
Adding to the targeted visitor knowledge is going to be the survive showing community, where exhibitors could show alternatives along with rewards for doing things intended for a large number of products and solutions, such as a large number of forklift vehicles. Prospects may also manage to take pleasure in network in a exclusive café community.

Network evening meal
Happening when they get home from the first daytime from the show, the TCS&D Evening meal will make the beautiful go back immediately after a rest connected with many fifteen decades. Exhibitors along with prospects are generally invited to savor the three-course dinner along with amusement as well as the chance for a lot of precious network — for more facts, name Richard Cogan on 01732 868 288.