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drive in racking and drive through racking

Friday, October 8th, 2010

It’s better to use drive through racking or drive in racking if the storage capacity is large.

The vantage of both system is the space efficiency is very high, if you want the cargo to be first in first out, we recommend you choose drive in or drive through racking.


Drive through racking can make the maximum use of space in height and depth. Drive through racking and make first in first out(FIFO) effect, and drive in racking can make first in last out.


Usually drive in racking is for large quantity with same cargo. Use drive in and drive through racking can make maximum use of space, compare with traditional pallet racking, the usage of space can increase by 90%


 The both racking system combine the advantages of pallet racking and stacking racking. It is increase the stacking height and protect the cargo from damage. Although drive through racking can make first in first out effect, only the transportation of warehouse is freely, the advantage of system can be made. Thus compare with drive in racking ,drive through racking is not much better. Only difference is you can load/unload the cargo from both side. The turn rate is a litter higher.


Most drive in racking and drive through racking is dismountable, it can be easily disassembled to transport, also the volume is less. It’s without difference with welded racking.


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