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light duty shelving, mediun duty shelving and heavy duty shelving

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

General speaking, light duty shelving, medium duty racking, heavy duty racking are all the widely used storage system. The major features are as below:


1.       For light duty shelving, there are slotted angle shelving and boltless rivet shelving.

Slotted angle shelving is also called dexion slotted angle shelving, the pictch is 76.2 mm or 50mm.

Installation is very simple, the shelving looks very beautiful. You can handle the cargo by man, it’s mainly used for small cargo. The cost is low. Slotted angle shelving is widely used for warehouse,

The other light duty shelving is boltless shelving, which also called boltless rivet shelving,


2.       For medium duty storage. Usually we use longspan shelving for the storage. All the components is connected directly without any bolts or nuts. The shelf is made by cutting and bending with supports underneath. The loading capacity can be up to 400 kg. Widely used in fruit, agriculture, food, textile, electronic, mechanical and other industy.


3.       Heavy duty shelving. For the customer which have special requirements for heavy duty shelving, we usually use box beam with welded angle in the inner side, then we can put shelf on the welded angles. The size and load capacity can be customized, the capacity can be 1000kg/level, this heavy duty shelving is mainly for manufacturing industry.


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meidum duty shelving and heavy duty shelving

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Besides light duty shelving, we also have medium duty shelving and heavy duty shelving,


Medium Duty Shelving


Each level has a load capacity from 200 – 1000kg, the total load capacity is no more than 5000kg, the length of racking is less than 2600mm, depth less than 1000mm, height is less than 3000mm. If the length is less than 2000mm, load capacity is less than 500kg, it’s better use the shelving without beam. If the length is more than 2000mm, it’s better use step beam with C profile post.


Heavy Duty Shelving


Each level has a load capacity from 500-4000kg, the length is less than 3000mm, depth is less than 1200mm. The height can be 3000mm to 6000mm. Usually it’s combined with heavy duty pallet racking. In the bottom level with shelving storage handle by man. Use forklift for height more than 200mm.. This is mainly used in big logistic center and warehouse supermarket.