Cold Store Pallet Racking

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Cold store is also called cold room & cold warehouse. It uses refrigeration equipment to make suitable temperature and humidity for special cargo. Cold store can be work shop and warehouse for the cargo which need to store under low temperature or frozen environment. Cold store can prevent cargo from climate and enlarge the storage time.


Cold store is widely used in food, agriculture, yoghurt & milk, pharmacy, chemical, hotel, supermarket, hospital, blood station and laboratory…etc.


To enlarge storage capacity, most cold store also need pallet racking or drive in racking for it

The design rule for cold store racking is similar with normal racking system, the major difference should be material and surface treatment. Normal powder coating treatment may not suit for temperature and humidity condition in cold store, customer should choose special powder or galvanized treatment to ensure the racking won’t become rusty.


Refer to the material of cold store, it should be a bit stronger and flexible than normal material.

Q235 and Q345 should be workable for cold store. Customer should pay attention for the material for cold store as poor material will have inflection under long time use or even collapse.

There was a racking collapse in Zheng Zhou city several years ago and more than 10 workers died from it. The owner of racking factory was sent into prison because he use poor material in the project.


As a reliable supplier of cold store & cold room racking, T Racking will always choose quality material and design strictly according to FEM, ASRS and national standard, to offer customer a safety & cost effective cold storage racking solution.