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 The design of unti earthquake pallet racking
 The material for such pallet racking can be tube, square tube and channel steel. According to the specification of material, it’s better use tube.
 The welding job should be down when installation to make sure the accuracy.
Attached several items you should care:

1.    The design of pallet racking should be according to national standard GB 50011-2001, which is the unti earthquake standard for construction.

2.    You should analyst the loading capacity with software, simulate the loading situation of racking by software in computer.

3.    Cold rolled and form: As the component of racking is tooled by cold rolled machine, thus we can use advanced technology to increase the strength of material.

4.    All the bolts & nuts are 8.8 grade, to make the post and beam a complete item.

5.    For the foot plate, we can weld the foot plate with the steel under the earth, to increase the stability of system. The racking will be connect with the steel structure under such way.

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