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Mezzanine floor use racking as the floor support system and light duty steel structure. The floor is tidy and clean, the loading capacity is good and uniform distributed. The cost is low and installation time is very short. Mezzanine floor is suitable for high warehouse for small cargo. The loading and unload job is handled by manpower.


When the storage capacity is big, we can design the mezzanine floor to be 2 tiers or 3 tiers. The bottom racking can be pallet racking, longspan racking. They are not only the racking to store cargo, but also the support of second floor and other floor. Mezzanine floor is usually with stair case, handrail and electrical lift platform. Mezzanine floor is widely used for auto, electronic, mechanical…etc.


Feature of mezzanine floor:

1.       Use pallet racking as support, the floor can be designed to be 2 or 3 tiers, with stair case and lifting platform.

2.       Dismountable structure, we can design the system according to the actual situation, which can help make enough use of space.

3.       Suitable for high warehouse, and also for improve from existing warehouse which can increase the storage effieiency.

4.       Widely used for auto parts storage, electronic storage, mechanical and chemical.


Mezzanine floor can be 2 ties or even more. With handrail, stiare case and lift platform, if the bottom beam is decreased, the construction cost is much lower.


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