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Pallet racking is a word everyone is familiar with it. We can see various from the Ancient medical shop to modern shopping mall, But if we go to deep discussion, maybe not so many people know it.

   The modern logistic is developing along with the developing of industry and science. Modern manufacturing will promote the mechanical industry and automatically industry.


   When all the CEO and management consider how to improve efficiency and save cost, how to make use of space and increase the efficiency is also be put into the desk. There are 2 important points we should consider, one is increase the storage efficiency, the other is promote the flowage of cargo.


   When we design the space, first you should classify space, then evaluate the important sequence of each space. At last you have to design the layout for the space. If space is limited, then we should work out how to make maximum usage of existing space. This will lead a higher requirement for pallet racking system.


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