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 Now storage racking industry is a mature industry all over the world which developed more than 100 years. Now the quality & function and automatically is the key point in industry. There is several major racking standard in the world. Like Australia AS 4084(short for Australia steel storage racking standard, which just release new edition in March 2012, European FEM standard, and American SEMA standard. These 3 standards are similar, they are the strictest standard in the world.
China still don’t have a special steel racking standard till now, which is not good to the industry development To solve this problem, national standard bureau discuss to set up 6 standards for racking industry. But for racking end user till now, they can have a easy way and simple way to understand racking system.
 Normal Pallet Racking system: Each cargo is positioned in a special area. Customer could put cargo on racking directly or put cargo on the pallet. This is the most simple racking system. The racking was solid and positioned with height depth and width direction.
Long bar racking(cantilever racking)
This is used to storage long bar and long items. The arm get out from racking will hold the capacity. The formal name of such racking is cantilever racking.
   Mobile Racking: The racing was put on track and move under the help of power system. It can make maximum use of warehouse space, but mobile racking system is very expensive.
Fow Through Racking: Cargo and pallet flow through the roller system. Cargo or pallet move under the help of gravity. Flow through racking can make first in first out effect.
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