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Dexion racking is the most widely used brand racking in the world. Dexion racking is original from UK, and have about 30 subsidiaries in all onver the world.
The original dexion company go to bankrupt since 1998, but dexion brand do well in UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand…etc.
Chinese companies start to manufacturer Dexion racking since early 2000, the most widely used racking in China is also dexion style. As the cost of Chinese dexion racking is much more competitive than UK or Malaysia, China made dexion racking rush to all over the world these days.
Feature of dexion racking:

1.     The upright post is made from quality steel coin Q235. The pith is 75mm or 76.2mm(3 inches). The color is usually blue. The common size of upright post is 80×70, 90×70, 100×70


2.     Usually dexion pallet beam use safety clip instead of safety pins. Safety clip is more firm and stable than safety pins. The common size of beam is 80×40, 80×50, 90×40,90×50, 100×40,100×50,110×40.110×5,120×40,120×50,130×50,140×50,150×50.

As a professional dexion racking supplier, T Racking export a lot of dexion compatible racking to Australia, UK, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand…etc.
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