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Usually the cargo on shelving is handled by manpower. The shelving is dismountable, spacing from each level can be easily adjusted. The shelving couldn’t be very heavy, the height of fame is less than 2.5 meter, otherwise it’s difficult for man to load. The depth and length of shelving is not very large. According to the different load capacity, we called them light duty shelving, medium duty shelving and heavy duty shelving. Usually the shelf can be wood shelf or steel shelf.


Light duty shelving:

Slotted Angle shelving:

We also call this type dexion slotted angle shelving, which includes 4 angle post and several level steel shelves and corner plate. We can also add plastic top or plastic feet.

Slotted angle shelving is easily to install and transportation. Also the surface looks very beautiful.

It’s very common or light duty industry use or family use. The load capacity can be 100kg/level.


Boltless shelving,

We also call this type boltless rivet shelving or boltless racking. This is mainly used in north America. The shelving consists of 4 angle post, several z beam and support, also can be fit with steel or wood shelf.

Boltless shelving is very easy to install or relocate. Only require one plastic hammer for installation. Such type of shelving sell very well in US and South Africa.




Actually steckregal is a Germany word, this type of shelving sell well in Germany and other European countries. It’s very strong as the load capacity can be up to 200kg/level.This is also boltless type shelving.


We export a lot of above shelving to US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany…etc. If any interest please contact us at