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Drive In Pallet racking safety procedures.

Before starting a drive-racking experience it is always important to take precaution measures. Well made rack systems not only help you to arrange stocks but also help to maintain your forklifts.

Proper maintenance is also crucial for your forklift services. Below we are going to look at factors you are supposed to look at to improve safety in your drive-in racking system.



Did you know different weather conditions basically affect the wear and tear of your rack system? Basically hot climates are known to hugely accelerate the way and tear of your rack system. Hot weather mainly affects the corrosive nature of your rack system. Basically, hot weather accelerates corrosiveness. Needless to say, you should regularly apply lubricants to your forklift system and always keep it in a dry parking lot.  If you are leaving your forklift for a longer period of time it is always advisable to remove the battery.


More to that experts always advise you to ensure that you pull out all the pressure on the tyne lifting parts of your fork engines. More to that, if you are leaving your system for a longer period of time it is always advisable to ensure that you cover your system with a dry sheet to reduce the amount of moisture that gets into the forklift system and can cause rusting. On hot weather climates, it is always advisable to ensure that you use appropriate coolant and more that you should keep on checking it. Very hot engines basically bring malfunctioning of the whole system.



Basic hardware checks of your forklift system.


Below we are looking at some basic factors that one is supposed to look at in order to ensure that your hardware system is robust for the daily functioning of your rack system engine.

The first thing that one should regularly look at is the engine oil levels. Remember engine oils basically reduce the amount of wear and tear in your forklift engine. There are basically a lot of activities that happen on the engine and hence friction is bound to occur and affect your forklift engine parts.

More to that you should look at factors like engine timing belts and ensure that they are not worn out since they are basically the number one reason why engine basically knock down.


There are some simple checks you can basically look at the engine of your forklift system. If you find that your oil has turned to black that means that it has basically been overused and hence your forklift system basically need some service. Remember, servicing your car prevents the future breakdown of your forklift which will, in turn, bring huge engine costs.


Brake fluids:- Not only should you look at the level of brake fluids but you also look at the flow of your brake fluid in your engine system. Through time you should be in a position to identify the best brake fluids for your reach truck.

More to that it is always a wise idea to paint your racking system since it prevents rust and  corrosion of your rack system

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