drive in racking and drive through racking

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drive in racking system
drive in racking system

Drive in racking system emerging trends,

Over the past few years, drive-racking systems have been rapidly changing and new technologies have been taking the center stage. Below we are going to talk about the emerging trends in drive-racking systems.


 Better machinery.

Currently, there has been a revolution where major forklifts have turned to SVG’s. Over the years labour has become rare and expensive. The current artificial intelligence and machine programming has enabled the use of robotics to perform various functions in racking systems. Furthermore, robots are more accurate and cheaper in the long run. More to that, there ¬†is basically less damage when using robots and fewer instances of theft. SGVS also have sensors at hence they easily stop when obstacles arise or occur.


High-risk areas.


To protect the safety of employees, there are new forklifts that have been made and highly reduce the occurrence of the explosion and other hazards in racking systems. They are tailor-made for specific high-sensitive or highly explosive goods. On the other hand, some regions like in the European Union strict measures have been put that must be followed by warehousing and forklifts to ensure the safety of everyone. Remember there are fork-lifts which are entirely frame proof and are the best when handling cargo that is highly flammable.


Doing proper measurements before buying anything.

Before buying any machinery for your racking systems, there are a variety of factors that you should look at.


The length.

Needless to say, one of the most important factor you should look at before purchasing any pallet is the fork length of your equipment. The fork length is determined by the type of stock that you regularly want to keep. Remember, buying excessively long forklifts is going to affect the speed at which you place your pallets and hence in the long-run bring higher operation costs. Due diligence and proper initial measurement ensure that you get the right and most effective tool for your job. Basically, some of the other factors you are supposed to look at involve weight capacity. Overburdening your fork system in your rack can affect durability and hence you should have an average idea of the weights you want to handle in the fork system.



There are basically different types of pallets depending on the needs and configuration of both your forklift system and your rack system. Some of the common pallet types include the reversible pallets and the two swing pallets.

Basically, pallets are the designs that are placed at the bottom of your load. Different pallets are suitable for different type of goods and hence before installing the pallets, you should basically understand the type of goods you are really handling.


Battery power-generated forklifts

Needless to say, battery generated forklifts are more environmentally friendly to your warehouse system. They should basically come as an option over gasoline powered forklifts especially on this era of climate change concern.

Basically, if you do not have proper battery management systems you are more likely to miss out in the system. This is because unlike gasoline, batteries require a substantial amount of time before they completely recharge. One of the best ways of handling battery recharged forklifts is by having fast superchargers and always having extra batteries to avoid downtime in your racking system.