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Recently, T Racking just won a tender for drive in racking is South Africa.
The project is for a food company, customer send inquiry and sketch to our sales team.
After get initial inquiry from customer, engineer study the demand of customer carefully. Thus we recommend customer use drive in racking for their warehouse.
This customer is in food industry, the product is the same and turn rate is very high. Thus drive in racking is very suitable for this customer. Under the help of drive in racking system, the storage density increased by 30% compare with original plan.
After plan got confirmation by customer, T racking offer customer a very competitive price, customer is very happy with it. Just a few days, customer place the order directly to us and make payment accordingly.
Then product department tool the product according to manufacture plan.
As drive in racking is much complex than normal racking, we install one bay before shipment.
Attached pictures of installation