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Drive in racking is also called drive in type pallet racking. As forklift will enter into the racking system, normally the depth of racking is less than 7 pallet position. We can use floor guide rail to guide the forklift and protect the racking system.
The storage capacity of drive in racking is 2 times of pallet racking, as there is no aisle or passage between each row, all the racking is joined together.
Drive in racking is widely used in various logistic center just like food, cigar, cold store, fruit…etc
The basic element you should consider for drive in racking:
1. Pallet weight(include pallet and cargo_
2. Pallet Size(width x depth x height)
3. how many pallets you want to store in width , depth and height directon
4. The lift height of forklift and net height of warehouse
5. Construction layout of warehouse, position of passage, door and pillow
6. Entrance and exist of each bay of drive in racking.
7. If for cold store, it’s better use galvanized racking to prevent the racking form rusty.
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