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Feature of heavy duty pallet racking:
1. The height of pallet racking is adjustable, we can use various of lift equipment to load and unload the pallets. The load capacity is very strong. Pallet racking is the most widely used racking system. You can pick out whichever pallet you want, make 100% control to each pallet.
2. The structure features: the upright frame ( or end frame) is with upright post, all bracing and bolts & nuts. You can fix the post into ground with floor anchors provide. The beam is with 2 end connectors and two C section steel, which make the thickness of beam double. This structure is with light weight, strong capacity and low cost, which is suitable for industry storage.
Pallet racking can store various of pallets, fit with other stacker and material handling equipment. You can assemble different bay of pallet racking freely. Pallet racking is a important part of mechanical & AS RS warehouse. It’s suitable for mass production, combine with the advantage of low cost and easy transportation. Which is a major part in various of industry racking fields.
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