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Racking and shelving in 4S shop is mainly used to store tyre, galss, vent-pipe, absorber, oil…etc.


Usually 4S shop use mezzanine floor racking or medium duty longspan shelving. These days the auto industry in China is developing very quickly. All the auto factory also set up design standard for their warehouse of 4S shop. The shelving should be complete knock down structure. Easy to assemble and disassemble. No need any other tools and anti rusty.


Features of 4S Shop warehouse shelving and racking:

1.       The profile can be customized according to the items storage in it. Such as tyre racking, glass racking, vent-pipe racking and oil racking. Which is customized and different from normal racking.


2. Most 4S shop use mezzanine floor racking, it’s more complex and have more structures compare with normal racking.


3. For longspan shelving, usually it’s in height limit area and the structure is similar with longspan shelving


4. The color can be customized according to the color of auto factory. We can also print & stamp logo in the shelving for different auto factory.


As a professional racking supplier, T Racking manufacture a lot of racking and shelving project for a lot oversea 4S SHOP like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, BENZ…etc. Customer has any relative inquiry, feel free to inform us.