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In warehouse equipment, pallet racking is specialized for the storage of various cargo. Pallet racking is a necessary for warehouse logistic center.


The major function of pallet racking:


1.       Pallet racking is a steel structure, which can make enough use of warehouse space, increase storage effectiveness and storage capacity.


2.       All the cargo is separately in the system, you can take out any one freely.


3.       It’s easy to load and unload. Easy to count the quantity, and make a first in first out effect.


4.       We can add special component to prevent the racking from wet, dust, steal…which can keep the storage quality of each cargo.


5.       We have some special structure to make the mechanical and automatically. They are drive in racking, cantilever racking, gravity racking, mobile racking, mezzanine floor. Etc.


In modern logistic center, the most important factor for business is effectiveness and cost. Each owner should consider these parts before investment. If there is anything unclear, it will lead big loss for his business.


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