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Function of  pallet racking system.


These days racking system play a more and more important role in modern logistic. The major point for racking system is increase storage and cargo flow efficiency. Then help customer save logistic cost and increase the profit from supply chain management.


The detail function of racking system is as below:


1.       The structure is solid which can make maximum use of space, increase the storage capacity of warehouse. The major design purpose for racking is to increase the warehouse space.


2.       It’s easy to load/unload cargo base on pallet racking system. It can make first in first out or first in last out, which can ensure 100% selective capacity.


3.       All cargo in the racking system can be identify easily, it help count & manage the cargo and plan for shipment base on racking system


4.       It can help move large quantity of cargo with various quantity and lots. Especially under the help of material handling equipment. It can make the logistic job more smooth and orderly.


5.       The cargo in racking system won’t affect each other, especially for valued cargo. Racking system can help store cargo for long time and keep the own features of cargo.


6.       Racking system is unti dust, rust, robber and damage. In some special area like cold store, racking system can also keep special cargo like food, pharmacy which require store in low temperature.


7.       Under the help of RFID, racking system is one important part of modern logistic.


8.       Besides normal racking, there are also some special racking system like AS/RS system, mobile racking system, which can reach different requirement for various customers.


9.  shelving system can reach storage equipments for small items with different quantity.