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Function of pallet racking




The concept of pallet racking. General speaking, racking is the stand to put cargo. In warehouse equipment, pallet racking is used to store pallets and other cargo. Pallet Racking is very important in logistic center and warehouse. As modern industry is developing, the demand for pallet racking and other storage equipment is increasing quickly. This also lead to some new requirement of storage system, not only for storage, but also for various functions and automatically.


Major functions of pallet racking is as below:

1.       Pallet racking is a frame structure which can make enough use of warehouse space, which can increase the space usage of warehouse, also increase the storage capacity.


2.       The pallet can cargo put into pallet racking, wont’ heart each other, the cargo loss is lessl Pallet racking can protect the cargo from extra loss.


3.       The loading can unloading job is very convenient, it’s also easy to calculate the quantity. Can also lead to first in first out.


4.       Pallet racking can protect the quality of cargo, which can protect the cargo from dust, wet robber.


5.       Pallet racking can help save the storage cost for mass production. It’s a important tool in warehouse.


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