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Storage racking / Pallet Racking is different from gondola shelving / supermarket shelving. Supermarket shelving not only has storage function, the other important function is display. His height is according to human height, thus most supermarket shelving is less than 3 meter. Storage racking is mainly used in industry warehouse, it focus on height direction and make enough use of storage. The maximum height can be up to 40 meter.


To design a suitable warehouse, you should consider several below factor:

1.       warehouse structure and height. This is the first factor we should consider. Frame height depends on available warehouse height. Pillars and doors will affect the layout of racking. The strength of floor and tidy of floor will also affect racking design and installation. We should also consider position of fire fighting equipment and lighting equipment.


2.       Cargo Feature. (size/weight/storage position/storage unit)

Cargo profile and size will decide racking size. Weight of product storage will also affect section of racking frame and beam size.


3.  Storage ability (density/in out control/storage management)


4         Material handling Equipment(weight/standing/passage width/lifting height/lifting weight/minimum right angle turning radio.

5.  Turn in/out quantity (First in first out/ turn rate / storage quantity)

Some racking have high storage density, but input quantity is low and not suitable for high turnover rate. Thus input/output quantity is a very important figure for you to consider.

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