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After the contractor finish the installation job, the customer have to check and accept the pallet racking system. Customer have to consider below parts:


1.                 Count the amount of pallet racking and accessory, make sure the quantity is the same with contract.

2.                 The installation site should be clean and tidy, there won’t be any left spare parts and packing material.

3.                 All the upright post should fixed into ground by anchor bolts.

4.                 All the bracing must be connect with screws, the screws can’t be loose

5.                 All beams should have 2 safety pins in each side, to prevent the beams from jumping out of the frame.

6.                 All the beams should be put in a horizontal line, there won’t be diagonal for the beams

7.                 All the surface of component should be clean and tidy. The powder should be attach the surface firmly. There won’t be any powder drop off. There can’t be rusty in the surface

8.                 Customer have to check the load capacity and deflection rate of beam. The deflection rate must be under the designed standard.


Customer should be very careful for the inspection of pallet racking, especially for the load capacity and deflection rate.


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