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Slotted angle shelving is widely used in industry field and daily use. It consist of 4 angle post and several level of steel shelf / wood shelf, it’s easy to install and easily relocation. With a simple tool you can install it freely.


1.    Before assembling, you should separate all the components and parts in the package, pick out the 4 angle post.


2.    After pick out the angle post, get all the corner plates(16 pcs). Assemble corner plate on each end of angle post, the installation direction of top and bottom is the same. The right angle is upturned. You should allow some extra space for the uneven floor. Or you can use plastic foot as a protection for angle post


3.    After assemble corner plates, install shelf for each level. To make it easily to install. Fix top and bottom first. The fix method is: first assemble the top level of four angle post, then install bottom level. Please note don’t assemble bolts & nuts firmly until finish all the level. After everything is OK then reinforce all the bolts & nuts.


4.    After assemble top and bottom level, one side of shelving is finished. Bolts & nuts also don’t need to be very tightened.


5.  After finish all the levels of shelves, fix the other 2 posts of angle shelving. Take attention for the spacing of each level, otherwise it will lead shelf uneven and unbalance of racking. The best method is count how many holes & distance for the shelving, to make sure the distance of each level.


6. After assemble all the post and shelving, stand the shelving unit and shake it slightly. After make sure everything is OK, use special tools to tighten all the bolts & nuts.


7. Everything is OK and just put the angle shelving on the place which will used for installation.


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