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longspan shelving, medium duty shelving
longspan shelving, medium duty shelving

Features of medium duty shelving:
Medium duty shelving is one kind of storage racking with shelf. It’s named according to load capacity. According to this principle, loading capacity of medium duty longspan shelving is 150kg-800kg/level.
Features of medium duty shelving:
1. Widely used for small items and heavy cargo. Loading capacity is 150kg-1000kg.
2. Widely used for manpower handling, storage and selected. Suitable for various of storage and display.
Structure of medium duty racking:
1. The post of racking is cold rolled steel with double hole punch in post. The pitch is 50mm. The hole is to connect beam with post.
2. Normally us “P” profile beam, what’s is also called step beam. The height of step is the same with the height of shelf.
3. Steel shelf is cold rolled steel with four sides bending.
4. Upright frame join together to be frame. Put shelf on the beam. Then the whole medium racking system is finished.
5. All the components need to be polish, acid wash, clean rusty and dusty, phosphate, automatically powder coating.  Then the surface is clean and tidy, which looks very beautiful. You can adjust the beam level by 50mm freely.
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