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Pallet racking has a very strong load capacity, the storage capacity for each level can up to be 4500 – 5000kg, which is the most widely used racking system, as well as universal storage system. Pallet racking can locate for several lines, with passenger inside the line, which is for the transportation of material handling equipment like forklift, stacker.


There are several lines in vertical line and horizontal line, which can be suitable for large quantity of pallet storage.


Feature of pallet racking: each pallet can be moved or storage separately. The load/unload of cargo is very easy and simple, as well as fast, which increase the storage efficiency a lot. You can adjust the height of beam according to cargo size freely, which can make enough use of the top space of warehouse.  The accessory is very simple and low cost. It’s very convenient to install and relocation.


Normally we use quality Q235 or SS400 for pallet racking. Good material can ensure the good quality of final product.

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