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Light duty shelving(mainly slotted angle shelving in China) connect directly without beam. It’s very easy to install. Steel shelf can bear about 200-300kg and adjustable by 50mm, which reach various storage requirements. A complete light duty shelving bay includes post, shelf, clip, bolts& nuts and plastic foot.


Common size of light duty shelving:










The size and color can also be customized


In modern racking & shelving industry and retail industry, shelving and racking system play a more and more important role.  Under the development of modern industry, logistic volume increased a lot. To manage warehouse more effective and improve warehouse function, end customers not only require racking & shelving system to be more flexible and automatical.

Retail industry also want the display to be not only a storage solution, but also a promotion advertisement for items. Thus retail industry require the shelving system to be more attractive for customers, with beautiful color & convenient display and storage.


Several factor affect cost of racking:

1.       Racking structure & specification and loading capacity

2.       Manufacturing process and quality management

3.       Tax, rent, worker’s salary

4.       material of racking


General speaking, post beam and shelf should be the factor determine price.