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Drive in racking, china drive in racking,
Drive in racking, china drive in racking,

Racking system industry develop quickly these years,  let’s talk about several major racking system today:
1. drive in racking. This is design for store large quantity of same product. Pallet is put on the support arm rail one by one. Which increase the storage density and space usage. Drive in racking is mainly for the expensive warehouse like cold store. Drive in racking has 4 components like frame, support arm rail, support arm and bracing. Drive in racking can make first in first out.
2. Pallet racking. This is the most widely used and most economical racking. It’s safety and convenient, suitable for various of warehouse. We can use pallet with forklift for the loading and unloading job, which increase the working efficiency. The lifting height can be up to 16 meter. The stock can be 100% selected.
3. Gravity racking: You don’t have to increase passage compare with normal racking. The principle is first in first out, automatically turn round. The pallet slide according to gravity, thus reduce the transportation distance and quantity of forklift. Every passage has a guide rail with an angle. Gravity racking increase the usage of warehouse
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