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Recently, T Racking won a mezzanine shelving tender for Toyota 4S shop in Mauritius.

As it’s non standard mezzanine floor, customer has a total different requirement for storage compare with normal racking system. Customer need to storage various kinds of parts like tire, plastic seal trip, filter, chemical oil…etc. Our engineer improve the function of normal mezzanine racking, increase some special parts like beam connection hooks to storage them, which also increase the racking system stability. As Mauritius locate in earthquake frequently zoon, customer also require the racking has earthquake resistant function, engineer choose quality material with enough safety coefficient, the design is well admired by customer.


The project is a public tender, but customer change their mind three times after release the tender. The engineer of our company has enough patience and professional design capability, which give customer very good impression for the mezzanine racing & shelving system of T Racking. Our sales manager has very effective communication with customer. Above factors help us win the tender at last. Customer said they will choose T Racking for their coming projects this year.


Considering the installation job for customer, we pre install one bay before powder coating, and take a lot of pictures with word description to help customer build the project. Which let customer feel our excellent service once more.

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