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Mezzanine floor to build up a special mezzanine in the working place or existing racking system, it is to increase storage capacity. Usually the mezzanine floor is with 2 tiers or 3 tiers. That’s why mezzanine floor is also called multi tier racking, it’s mainly for some light and small cargo, which is suitable for mass kinds of cargo handled by manpower. Usually we can use forklift and lift platform to lift the cargo into second floor and third floor, then use steel trolley or pallet truck to move them.


Usually we use longspan shelving or heavy duty pallet racking to be the support of mezzanine floor. We can use cold rolled steel floor or steel grating as the floor. Cold rolled steel floor is widely used these years, the load capacity is good to suit for various capacity. Also it’s easy to fit for light system. Which make the load/unload and management to be very convenient.

The unit load capacity is less than 500kg/level. The spacing from different floor is 2.2 m to 2.7m.

Mezzanine floor is mainly for auto parts, 4S shop, electronic and other industry.


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