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Use Racking properly is very important to enlarge the racking life. It can also help prevent racking system from damage, also reduce logistic cost. There is several key points for safety operation:


1.       For wood panel or wood pallet, you should pay attention to the humidity of warehouse. Wood will expand or damage under wet condition. You should put them in the sunshine in certain time. Otherwise the wood will molt. Although you should notice the potential risk of fire.

2.       For the steel pallet racking, you should also notice the humidity of warehouse, cause the surface may got rusty if work long time under humidity condition. If it’s wet you should wipe it with dry duster cloth. Also pay attention to the paint and bolts & nuts of racking system

3.       For glass shelving/display cabinet, you should notice the shock and loading capacity of cargo.

4.       The most important thing is never over load cargo on any racking system, this will lead to potential risk. Never overpass the maximum design capacity.

5.       The size of cargo put on racking should be within the designed size, if the size is a lot more than the racking size, it will be not stable

6.       The forklift driver should be very careful to drive the forklift and do the loading/unloading job. Handle with care and don’t hit the racking system.

7.       One essential rule: put heavy cargo on bottom level and put light cargo in high level. Always put from bottom to top level.

8.       Use proper plastic pallet or wood pallet.

9.       Workers should not walk under the racking system if there is cargo on the racking.

10.   Inspect the racking to see if there is any potential risk timely.


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