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Pallet Racking and AS RS racking system


Pallet racking is also called beam racking or pallet position racking. Normally it’s heavy duty racking, which is the most common one in local racking system.


How to choose pallet racking? Firstly you have to confirm the cargo packing size and pallet size weight and height. Then the height, depth and width of racking can be confirmed. The height of upright frame is depend on the clearance distance from bottom to warehouse roof and the maximum loading height of forklift. The width of racking is less than 4000mm, the depth is less than 1500mm. The total height of rame is usually less than 12m. For AS RS racking, the height can be less than 30000mm.


Usually we use reach forklift, balance forklift and narrow aisle forklift. If the racking is not too high, we can also use stacker. Pallet racking is widely used in manufacturing company, third party logistic center and distribute center