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Pallet racking collapse is a very terrible accident, which will hurt the fortune and worker safety a lot. Safety factor is the most important part we have to consider when we choose and use pallet racking system. We should consider below factors as the most important factor.
1. We must avoid head heavy leg light, which means we have to put light cargo in high level and bottom level for heavy cargo.
2. We should avoid over loaded. The weight of each level should be no more than the maximum design capacity.
3. As the height and width of pallet racking is limited, the cargo size should be 100mm less than fixed size.
4. The forklift driver should pay attention to his drive, he should be very careful when load/unload the cargo
5. If there is cargo in the top of pallet racking, workers are not allow to enter the racking
6. In the earthquake frequently area, we have to use special foot plate and welding frame to increase the stability of the whole system.
When we use heavy duty pallet racking, if the height is more than 8 meter, we should choose suitable material handing equipment for it.
In all the most important rule is operate with care, anything unclear just ask the safety expert.
Also we have to inspect the pallet racking system annually to make sure it’s safety enough.
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