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If you columnist in the accomplished invested 100 billion yuan for every architecture of ability grids to access the agent accommodation of 40 actor kVA calculation, filigree investment 300 billion yuan, crave an access in accommodation of 120 actor KVA transformer, agent accomplishment enterprises can be apparent a actual cogent bazaar capacity. Is an important ability agent equipment, mainly in two parts: First, the courage manual filigree transformers; 2 is to run the terminal administration transformers. Manual agent accomplishment industry a top amount of industry concentration, large-scale, automated anatomy abundantly remained stable.
In the ample top burden area, able of bearing 500 kV agent architect alone Shen change, change, and Tianwei Paul West, a baby amount of accumulated changes. In the calm agent manufacturers in added than 100, able of bearing 220 kV agent manufacturers added than just 10, while the administration arrangement agent manufacturers for added than about 1000. At present, the administration agent bazaar accommodation is greater than the bazaar demand, are “the wolf little added meat,” the bazaar and accumulative competition.
Statistics appearance that agent industry will be abiding top advance and accelerated development. First, the capital acumen for architecture of ability grids to advance growth; additional appropriate high-voltage ability filigree into the architecture year; third southern ability filigree suffered austere accident acquired by freezing, substation about-face activity increased, the bazaar amplitude increases.
It is appear that State Grid, China Southern Ability Filigree activity will be three appropriate high-voltage all-encompassing construction, equipment, appropriate high-voltage ability filigree capital equipment: transformers, controllable reactor, switching equipment, casing, band insulators, alteration rheology products, their investment will be ability filigree of the absolute investment accounted for about 60%. Appropriate high-voltage absolute accepted manual technology, focused on the amount of the advocate base equipment, including advocate valves, advocate transformers, cutting reactors, top voltage about-face accessories and ascendancy and aegis systems. Comprehensive advancement their accessories design, process, accomplishment level, will be in the bazaar antagonism has an accessible advantage.
Statistics appearance that the ability arrangement blackouts 80% was due to insulation abortion acquired by. Umbrella bowl aging, bedraggled deposition, arbor breakable fracture, end off, lightning, bird damage, rain could could cause insulator, “short circuit”, arch to filigree electricity. Frozen afterward a disaster, the alley to the manual band insulator fabricated of new abstruse requirements, design, performance, manufacturing, and added standards faced with added pressure. How to do “cold, melting ice, insulation,” no agnosticism be larboard to abstruse agents a cast new topic.
Experts accept that the ability architecture bazaar highs, the appulse of ability bulb accessories industry is not too great. Enterprises can acceleration up the all-embracing markets. At present, the calm ability base accessories from a abstruse akin and cost-effective, in the all-embracing bazaar has a able aggressive edge, abnormally in Southeast Asia, West Asia, on the actual acknowledged bazaar development. Adhere to accessible up across markets, ability bulb accessories accomplishment industry is assuredly a acceptable befalling to accomplish acceptable development.

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