racking, shelving, pallet racking

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In last century, racking and shelving industry come to China from oversea countries like US and Germany. Germany and US company first build racking factory in Jiang Su and Zhe Jiang to make warehouse racking. The investor notice the development of storage racking and shelving industry in China. Then Swiss company build racking factory in Shanghai, then the manufacturing technique of racking and shelving is keeping progress in China. Under the help of low cost and quick delivery, more and more domestic and oversea company choose Chinese racking and shelving product.


Chinese racking and shelving industry benefit from below factor:

1.       Oversea company bring in advanced technique and equipments. The first foreign racking company train local technical staff and sales man.

2.       Industry requirement by various of industry. After China enter WTO, all the industry develop in a fast way, racking system is a compulsory requirement for warehouse management in a lot of industry and pharmacy, food, auto…etc. To ensure the high efficiency of logistic, racking system also play a more important role in industry. Racking and shelving equipment can be compatible with AS/RS system to increase storage efficiency.


When time turn into 21 century, the racking industry develop very fast and a lot of new companies born in JIANG Su province, there are more than 500 companies in this industry, among them a lot are trading company and others are factories.

Logistic is one major power for economy. In the developed area of China like Guang Dong, Zhe Jiang and Jiang Su, logistic activity occupy a big amount of GDP. And there are a lot of big companies locate in this area. This require the warehouse management to be standardization and effective, it lead too big demand for pallet racking system