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Today we ship another container of longspan shelving and pallet racking for one South Africa project.


This customer mainly produces power transmission for vehicle and autos. They are first level supplier of General motor, Toyota, Volkswagen and other famous auto brand. These yeas customer invest a lot of money in China, they build factory in Zhe Jiang, He Bei, Jiang Su and a lot of other places, also purchase various of cheap quality racking and shelving system from us.


The project we ship today is for their South Africa branch. As the customer use our pallet racking many times, they have good impression about our product and know detail & specification of our racking and shelving system. They don’t issue a public tender and just purchase from us directly.

We used to export a lot of racking and shelving system to South Africa, we are very familiar with local law and customer requirement, then we work out a design plan and cost quickly. To make maximum use of warehouse, customer revise the design 3 times before they final confirm it. Our staff always acts in the first time with professional reply and follow on in time. In early March customer confirm the project and place order to us, then we arrange material & production in time and delivery as request.


We enclose pictures of this project and container loading pictures.