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Safety accident is not acceptable by both parties, thus the safety should be considered as the most important factor for each pallet racking supplier.
When we talk about the safety of pallet racking system, there are several points as below:
1. Racking manufacturer should choose the suitable steel material according to the required capacity. Also should design the racking system according to different load capacity required for each client.
Some supplier use second hand steel or poor quality steel instead of brand new steel, this will affect the load capacity and safety of total system.
2. End customer should teach workers how to load and unload, don’t overload the system. Whenever fond there is some potential risk or damage, call the specialist to inspect the system
3. When choose the system, take note as the quotation with very low price, as price is relevant to quality. Some supplier will quote very low price but use bad steel after win the tender. This will lead to potential risk for the end users. In 2005, there is a local supplier use bad steel in a cold room project. The racking collapse 1 year after installation which killed 11 workers. The general manager of racking factory and warehouse were both sentence into prison.