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Steel platform consist of column, main beam, sub beam, steel floor, stair case and handrail. It can be used together with pallet racking in warehouse.


Steel platform is assembled as a whole, the normal loading capacity is 300kg-1000kg/square meters. The capacity of upright post is very strong. We can use 104-165 steel pipe for light duty. For heavy duty, we can use H steel. Usually we can use H steel or C steel, use cold rolled steel for floor or steel planket. Usually we use locking parts to lock main beam and sub beam. Thus the strength of platform can be increased.


Customer can use lighting sustem under floor, can use lift platform, stair case or forklift to lift cargo. All the material is high strength carbon steel, automatically powder coating unti rusty. It’s widely used in various of industry.


Steel platform is widely used for industry storage. As the work shop is become bigger and bigger. Thus steel platform is become more important.


Steel platform is similar with mezzanine floor and multi tier racking.


As a professional steel platform manufacturer, T Racking exports various steel platform to oversea and domestic market.

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