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T Racking Just won a big tender for one complete project of steel warehouse structure and pallet racking in Africa.
The customer is a Furtune 500 shipping company, they want to build up a warehouse for cold food storage in Somali. Customer get the name of T Racking from Intelnet.
After several weeks email communication, customer ask us to offer a complete quotation and date sheet for the total warehouse.
T Racking not only make pallet racking system, but also other warehouse part like steel structure, cold store equipment, etc.
Attached part of calculatoin sheet for the project.
★★★★★ Detail Calculation Sheet★★★★★
1. Design Standard
《Technical Specification for Steel Structure of Light-Weight with Gabled Frames》 
(CECS 102:2002)
    《Load Code for the Design of Building Structures》             (GB50009-2001)
    《Code for Seismic Design of Buildings》                      (GB50011-2010)
    《Code for Design of Steel Structures》                        (GB50017-2003)
    《Code for design of building foundation》                      (GB50007-2002)
    《Code  for welding of steel structure buildings》                 (JGJ181-2002)
    《High strength bolt connection of steel structures design, construction and acceptance specification》(JGJ82-91)
2. Calculation Sketch 
Calculation Sketch
3. Total Information:
   Structure  door style light steel warehouse
   structure importance coefficient:  1.00
   Gusset Qty:   9
   Column Qty:   2
   Beam Qty:     6
   Support Restraint Qty:  2
   Standard Section Qty:2
   Live Load:  not considered
   Wind Load : Considered
   Material:  Q345
   Column & Beam Self weight:  Considered
   Axial deformation on Constant load: Considered
   Posts deformation along axes direction under the effection of dead load: according to dead load coefficient
   overall stability of Gabled Frames steel structure in plane: calculated
   Allowable bending span ratio of steel beams:  1/180
   Allowed column roof horizontal movement/column height:  1/60
   Way to Calculate column length according to CECS: look up table
   Influence of sway column to length calculation: considered.
4. Geometry
    Knot Information

Knot No. x
X restraint y restraint z restraint Around X axis restraint Around Y axis restraint Around Z axis restraint
1 0 0  
2 0 5700            
3 6300 7590            
4 21000 12000            
5 27300 10110            
6 14700 10110            
7 35700 7590            
8 42000 5700            
9 42000 0  

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