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Powder coat is the most important factor for the quality of surface treatment, if the quality is poor, the powder in pallet racing will drop and go to rusty.


As a professional pallet racking supplier, T Racking only choose quality powder from famours local supplier. The technical specification of our powder is as below:


Description: epoxy powder is one kind of dope base on epoxy resin, firming agent and color powder.


Proportion: 1.4-1.8g/cm, slight difference according to different formula

Granularity Test: different according to use



Packing: 20kg carton packing, with plastic bag

Storage: below 30 degree 12 months, epoxy powder should be store below 30 degree in dry area. All the containers should be housed after use.

Applied Range: electrostatic painting

Film Thickness between 50-150μm

Cover Rate: between 11-13m/kg, film thickness 60μm

Softening Point:  75-95


Mechanical Performance: All test use phosphate steelfilm thickness 60-80μm

Pencil Hardness       GB/T6739-86 H-2H

Attachment        GB/T9286-88 0-1

Bending   GB/T67420

cupping testing         7mm

Impact Testing GB/T1732-93 50kg/cm


Corruption:        All test use phosphate steelfilm thickness 100-120μm

Acid Frog: 500 hours, section corruption less than 2mm

Hot Wet:

Bs.3900Part F2 1973 5000 hours later

GB1740/7989 1000 hours, no influence to film, a bit light lost.


Chemistry Performance: All test use phosphate steelfilm thickness 60-80μm

12 months no influence.


Applied Range: office furniture, equipment, electronic, toys, electronics, mechanical


Attention: don’t recommend outdoor use, the duration is week.