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The Design key point of pallet racking and steel structure.(1)


The major key points of racking and shelving system should be as below:


1.       Steel Structure.

When we design the size of pallet racking system, we should notice the effective height of room and pillar, the loading capacity and of floor and whether it is aclinic. Also we should consider the position of fire fighting equipment and lighting equipment.


2.       Features of product storage(size, weight, qty, sku)

Size and weight is the major points which affect material & strength of pallet racking system.

Storage qty and SKU should be also considered when design the whole racking system.

The estimated quantity should also consider the future growth in the next 3 years.


3.       Loading/unloading management.

Usually the 2 points is contrary. That’s is to say, to make high storage density, the loading job will be more complex. Although some special racking could make the balance, but the storage management system is much more complex. Of course AS RS system is a good solution to solve the problem, but the cost is also extremely expensive. Most of customer couldn’t afford it.